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David Harbour in Tide Commercial

David Harbour Reminds Us that “It’s a Tide Ad”

It’s been a strange year for Tide, especially with that whole Tide Pod eating thing that’s been going around among teenagers lately. They needed something solid to give themselves a laundry-fresh start. Well, they did themselves some justice with actor David Harbour.

Reminiscent of the early Duracell Bunny commercials, the Stranger Things’ star appeared in several of Tide commercials during Super Bowl LII, where he appears in a series of spots that appear more fit for cars, beers, diamonds, soda, mattresses and deodorant. Harbour tells viewers that each mini-ad within the commercial is a Tide ad.

In one of the ads, which you can see below, Harbour breezes through a bunch of stock scenes while poking fun at various commercial stereotypes.

One of the most memorable commercials was a bit cross-branding genius. Isaiah Mustafa, who’s best known as the face of Old Spice.

Mustafa sits shirtless on top of a white horse, talking to the ladies of the world as he does. Instead of an Old Spice bottle, a Tide detergent bottle appears in Mustafa’s hand as Harbour sits behind him to remind viewers that they were indeed watching, a Tide ad.

Proctor & Gamble is the parent company of both Old Spice and Tide.

With a combination of David Harbour’s acting and smooth voice, and hilarious running jokes, Tide seems to have chosen wisely – almost making viewers forget about the whole Tide Pods thing.

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