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Kathy Nam

Kathy Nam is the Sexiest Woman You’ll See Today

Up and coming model Kathy Nam, better known as Kathykwoww to her Instagram followers, has been on our radar for a while. The 24 year old Korean hottie, who hails from Wailuku, Hawaii, came to our attention after she was voted one of the Sexiest Ladies on Instagram of 2016.

Though you wouldn’t be able to tell from her absolutely stunning photos, Kathy was actually overweight growing up. Ridiculed both at school and at home, family members would talk about her size, even taking bets at times on how much she weighed. After joining an online empowerment group, and finding solace amongst her new peers instead of food, Kathy found herself more and more motivated to change her life both mentally and physically.

Through a combination of diet and exercise, which initially consisted of her solely watching what she ate, Kathy hit the gym. She found herself going to workout twice a day, for hours. As her weight dropped, her motivation increased. And from this — a new Kathy Nam was born.

Kathy looks fantastic in every single photo she takes — typically snapped by photographers Jeff F. or Baariks Gallery, and has absolutely no problem showing off her beautiful assets (see what we did there?), and we’re all happy as hell about that.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out our favourites of her hottest photos below:

As you can tell, and would likely agree, Kathy has done an amazing job of transforming herself, which is a great way to give all those that made fun of her the finger. It’s also a great motivator for other people that are going through, or have been through, similar situations.

Kathy has grown her Instagram following to an astounding 140.8k followers, who have all shared in her fitness journey. We honestly can’t wait to see where her Instagram fame takes her.

If you want to see more of Kathy — and you sure as hell should — you can keep up with her on Instagram at @kathykwoww, Twitter at @kathykwoww, and Facebook at www.facebook.com/kathy.nam.7.

Images are courtesy Kathy Nam/Instagram.

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