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Ellen Sheidlin is an Artistic Mastermind

We happened upon Russian model and artist, Ellen Sheidlin when we were going through our Instagram suggestions. We totally have to put an emphasis on the artist part.

The 20-year-old uses her unique sense of style and her doll-like looks to create cute, often very strange, utterly unique pics. Her flair for art has gained her a lot of attention — 1.2 million Instagram followers, to be exact.

We became became fans of this doll-faced beauty almost instantly, decided to put a few of our favourite pics of Ellen’s together, that you can check out below:

Nice, right? As you can see, Ellen creates a world of beauty and magic in her pics, blending both surrealism and fantasy to create them. One of her fans once said that “we love her daily dose of cute, often very strange, utterly unique pics. They’re like a treat of a piece of candy. You get a sugar rush and you want more!” We wholeheartedly agree with that statement.

If you want to keep up with Ellen’s awesome snaps, you can follow her on Instagram at @sheidlina and Twitter at @sheidlina.

What do you think about Ellen Sheidlin? Let us know in the comments.

Photos are courtesy Ellen Sheidlin/Instagram.

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