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Amanda Lee is the Sexiest Woman You’ll See Today

With an almost endless amount of hot fitness models and sexy gym trainers all over Instagram, you could get a bit overwhelmed with the amount of beauties that are quite literally at your fingertips. With their beautifully sculpted bodies and gorgeous looks, these ladies are perfect for your viewing pleasure.

Amongst this bevy of beauties is fitness model and trainer Amanda Lee. Amanda is without a doubt one of the sexiest fitness models we’ve seen to date.

Don’t worry… We still loves you Jen Selter.

The LA-based personal trainer has used her pert ahem assets into social media stardom — 7.4 million followers and counting. She is quickly gaining the reputation needed to begin building her own fitness empire.

Amanda will make you drool with her slim, sex-appeal infused body. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out our favourites of her hottest photos below:

Nice right? See, we told you. If you want to keep up with Amanda (and you should) you can follow her on Instagram at @amandaeliselee, and Twitter at @amandaeofficial.

Photos courtesy Amanda Lee/Instagram.

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