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Abigail Ratchford is the Sexiest Woman You’ll See Today

We talked about Abigail Ratchford a few years back, and since then, her popularity has grown ten-fold. Still making waves on Instagram, Abigail now boasts over five million followers thanks to her killer body and striking looks.

The Pennsylvania native certainly knows the secret to acquiring fans. In an interview with Maxim she said, “I feel like getting to the first million [followers] was a big milestone, then it was easy after that. I’ve gotten to that number by putting out videos I know will go viral, developing a relationship with TMZ, posting lots of hot pics, and sharing some of my normal life on there too.”

Abigail’s provocative pictures continue to be working for her, helping Ratchford to remain an an internet sensation.

You can check out more of this lovely on Instagram @abigailratchford, on Twitter @AbiRatchford, Facebook at facebook.com/OfficialAbigailRatchford and on her website at officialabigailratchford.com.

We’re definitely crushing on this lady a bit now, but what do you think about Abigail? Leave a comment and let us know!

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